2007 EP

by Dark Haven

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Follow up EP for melodic death-metal group Dark Haven, featuring 2 tracks.


released January 1, 2007

Brandon McLaughlin: Vocals/Bass
Brennan Kilpatrick: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Amy Zion: Guitar
Nate Falzon: Drums
Kent Crisp: Keyboards

Recorded at Dinky Music
Mixed & Engineered by Billy Stephens
Produced by Billy Stephens

All songs written by Dark Haven



all rights reserved


Dark Haven San Diego, California

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Track Name: Infernal (Full Arrangement)
Hatred and this world around me has taken it's toll
Routine is getting old now as rage sets in
Lost inside myself, with nothing to lose
This wickedness take hold of my mind and I am left with nothing

Hold back and take some more, for your sorrows
Forsake tranquility as terror is unleashed
Forced out of my skin, succumb to darkness
My conscious is dead and my mind remains impure

This illusion clouds up my thoughts
I am a monster
I've given everything for you
And now I offer up myself

I hope for your pain, this can suffice
For this is my final sacrifice

Fill the void with emptiness, once again
I'm a fool in a paradise of hell that never ends
And as I burn for you in these flames of hate
I realize, everything sacrificed was given away in vain

There is no return for me
Eternally I burn
Without means to end this madness
I am forced to give in

I hope for your pain, this can suffice
For this is my final sacrifice

It's all in my head and there's a way out
I know it for I'm stronger
This wickedness means nothing to me
And I will overcome my pain

I hope for your pain, this can suffice
For this is my final sacrifice
Track Name: Forever Haunted
You think the worst has come
But you have no idea
For now, you're in the calm
It's time to watch it end

The chaos surrounds me
I'm going out of my mind
You can run but you can't hide
Destruction has arrived

See the colors are all wrong
The only certain is death
But they want to take me alive

Fade into the unknown
Into a world decayed
See the lights fade away
When it all comes crashing down

And now the storm has passed
Transition to disorder
A world of ruin
Now lay at my feet

For now the beating of my heart
Only leads me to suffer
Memories of a world now unknown
Forever Haunted, I will be

And when the world is gone
Will I still be nothing
Forever Haunted by
The demons of the past